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'Letter From A Father' Of Deepika Padukone's Father Is In Curriculum Now

'Letter From A Father' Of Deepika Padukone's Father Is In Curriculum Now

Celebrities win the audience's heart with their acting and the characters which they play on screen. We do not know the hard work behind it, nor do we know what the truth behind it is. Talking about Celebs of Bollywood, actress Deepika Padukone has received the Best Actress Award for her performance in the film 'Piku'.

She has also been credited in Hollywood and seen with Vin Diesel.

Today, we are talking about a specific day of Deepika when she received an award for her best performance for film Piku. This award ceremony was held in the last year i.e. year 2016. On receiving the Best Actress Award for Piku, Deepika read out the letter written by her Father Prakash Padukone. The letter touched everyone's heart in the ceremony. Deepika read this letter as an acceptance speech on receiving the award.

This letter was a testimony to the father-daughter bond and it was deeply related to everyone. We are going to tell you something else about this letter which is really unique. This letter written by Deepika's father is now also being included in the school curriculum.

A fan of Deepika posted on Twitter to make Deepika aware about a chapter. Letter From a Father has been included in the Gujarat Boards syllabus of class 12th class. You can see it in these pictures.