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Only Few Travel Destinations has potential to please all the globetrotters Around the World

Only Few Travel Destinations has potential to please all the globetrotters Around the World

If you have a soul of a traveller than you must have some plan for your New Year holidays. As we know that New Year is already around the corner, we have created a list of the best countries to visit in 2018 just for you, so that the travel-related decisions get easier for you. Every traveller is different from each other like some are history buffs, some are adventure seeker and some always look for holidays for relaxation or nightlife. We kept in mind the diversity of travellers. All these destinations have potential to please globetrotters from all parts of the world, who visit different places just for the sheer love of one or a couple of aspects of travel, for instance, food, heritage, nature, adventure and more. Primed to please travellers of all tastes, here is our list of the best countries to visit in 2018. Pick the one you like and start making your bookings.


Iceland is gradually making its way to the top of the list of most popular travel destinations in the world. In fact, a recent survey even revealed that most Indians going on international vacations prefer Iceland over most other places. A lot of credit for its popularity goes to the famous TV show, Game of Thrones, in which Iceland happens to be the shooting location of the land beyond the wall. Besides, there are plenty more to explore in the country as well.

South Africa

Among a lot of other things that make it one of the finest countries to visit in the world, it is the cultural heritage and the unique wildlife experience offered by South Africa that makes it a deserving pick in Happy Trip’s list of the best countries to visit in 2018. This is one of the only places in the world offering the Big Five (lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino) in its wildlife reserves. And then there is enough scope to enjoy outdoor activities like surfing off the Eastern Cape coast, rock-climbing in Cedarburg, and abseiling from Cape Town's Table Mountain.


Travelling to Spain is a part of many travellers’ dreams, and this is mainly because this destination is a melting pot of unparalleled cultural heritage, scenic places, cosmopolitan beauty and historical sites that have changed some major events in the region’s past. Spain’s urban vibrancy can be best experienced in Madrid, which boasts of more than 60 museums for the culture vulture, most happening nightclubs for the party freaks, manicured parks and gardens for the nature lover and street art for the traveller who loves to explore street art.

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