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School Scholars constructing Small Residencies for Flood Sufferers

School Students constructing Small Residencies for Flood Victims

Virginia suffered a huge flood in the year 2016 concerning which many lives were lost and people living there even lost their houses and till today they are struggling to find a place for their living. As a solution, a plan has been introduced to build non-permanent houses for this struggle. “The 15 homes reside at the National Guard air base in Charleston”.

Students starting constructing homes

Students constructing homes

School students helped to built houses for strugglers! The school board in Virginia decided to grant 12 vocational schools with $20,000 to build the homes. This also helped students to learn skills like carpentry, plumbing and much more.

Houses in process to get build

Houses in process

West Virginia’s chief officer for career and technical education, Kathy D’Antoni, says it takes normally 4-6 months to build a tiny home, they’ve done it in 9 weeks.

House are ready to live

House are now ready to live

This houses are dense- less than 500 square feet — but are designed for 2–6 people to live safely.