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Some Beautiful Countries Are Waiting For You!!!

Some Beautiful Countries Are Waiting For You!!!

Countries That Deserve More Tourists.

There are so many beautiful places in the world that are still not explored by many tourists. There are more than one billion tourists in the world, but some destinations don't get quite as many visitors as you would expect.

There are places where you can find beautiful beaches, green mountains, and valleys. But they don’t get much traffic of tourist. This is not good for tourism business in these places. These places are naturally so beautiful that every tourist deserves to go to these places once in a lifetime.

Low tourism to other nations is less easy to explain. Here we round up some of the places where visitor numbers are surprisingly low.


You know that the India is the world's most heavily populated country. Located in the center of Asia, with strong past links to Britain, it has some remarkable attractions, from the Taj Mahal to tigers. Why are numbers low? I think the difficult visa process is one of the big problems. Secondly recent epidemic of bad publicity about attitudes towards women is also major cause as well.


Undoubtedly Philippines is one of the glorious and beautiful country with breathtaking views and beaches. Philippines certainly look enticing. On yet the number of visitors was only just above four million in 2012. Why are numbers low? Political instability, natural disasters are the main reason.


Without any doubt Japan is a country that has given so much to the world culturally from temples to the madness of Tokyo. Why are numbers low? High prices are probably the main reason.

New Zealand

Let me tell you that I have been to this country. This is one of the most beautiful country I have ever been. Do you know many Hollywood movies like Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit have been shot here. Than Why are numbers low? I think Australia has more flight connections rather than New Zealand and a reputation for its beaches.