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OMG! Bruce Lee is Back and He is Stealing Everyone's Heart on the Internet!

OMG! Bruce Lee is Back and He is Stealing Everyone's Heart on the Internet!

We bet you haven’t seen something this astonishing yet! All the Bruce Lee Fans, be in for a huge shock!

An 18yr Old boy known as Abbas Ali Zada from Afghanistan aka Afghan Bruce Lee is blowing everyone's mind ever since he has uploaded a video in which he shows his way of learning martial arts with a twist that is in water! The boy had us in shock, as he doesn't only looks close to the martial arts Kind however also is as strong as he was!

He showed some of the martial art steps in his video which were very crisp and clear. Another shocker is that in lieu of having any professional training, he has learned everything watching the movies of Bruce lee himself. Some of the viewers say, “from his face to his step everything seems to be an exact replica of Bruce Lee’s martial arts”.

Owing to his uncanny resemblance with Bruce Lee, only within a short span of time, the boy has gained all attention of the viewers and some of them even considered him as a “perfect devotee” of martial art King Bruce lee! He portrays a perfect example of a relationship between a teacher and his obedient student.

Abbas Ali Zada, bruce lee lookalike

Abbas Ali Zada's Dedication Towards Martial Arts

The boy increased his performance by doing martial arts in water, this is something weird and unimaginable.

This shows his level of dedication and passion toward martial arts. He is an inspiration for all of us we wanna be the next Martial Arts King!