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These Are The Hottest Places In The World

These Are The Hottest Places In The World

These days the heat is at its peak. The temperature of the cities is also going up to 40 degrees. But perhaps you will not know that there are many such places in the world. Where there is tremendous heat. Because of this, these places are said to be the hottest places in the world.

Dasht-e-Lut, Iran

It is considered to be the hottest place on earth. In 2004, the temperature was 70 degrees and in 2005 it was 70.7 degrees.

Queensland, Australia

It is called the world's driest continent. People also called it badlands. In 2003 there was a severe drought. At that time the temperature was 69.3 degree Celsius.

Cave of the Crystal, Mexico

It is considered the world's largest natural crystal. The wind temperature here is up to 58 degrees Celsius.

Death Valley, America

Located in the Mojave Desert, Death Valley is one of America's hottest areas. In 1913 the temperature was recorded 56.7 degree Celsius.