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Things You'll Relate If Traveller At Heart But Stuck In The Metropolis,

Things You'll Relate If Traveller At Heart But Stuck In The Metropolis,

Are you a Day Dreamer? Want to explore the whole world. Breath taking landscapes, infinite sky and the resonance of the sea are all you daydream about every night. Your much-loved time pass is looking at the globe or scrolling through eye-catching images of beautiful places you haven't seen. You think more about the 7 wonders of the world than your own life.

If you've done any of these things, you're a wanderer at hear. But also, a prisoner stuck in the city.

Life isn't about living in an exotic castle in Europe or sunbathing in Sydney or Hawaii. It's about working 9 to 5 (or more!), getting caught in traffic and having a rather dull existence.

Let’s explore the list is for all those who'd rather be exploring the world but are caught trying to get through life!

1. You want to try different cuisines but have to make Maggi at 3 a.m.

May be you are not a glutton but want to explore the good food. But due to your daily tired routine life you have to make Maggi every night.

2. May be you want to explore different countries but have to go to work by Metro.

Life in a metro. We all want to explore the whole world but our pocket allow us to buy railway ticket instead of air tickets.

3. You really want to experience diverse customs and cultures but Mom won't let you eat non-veg on Tuesdays.

Try to explore different culture through their cuisine.

4. You'd like to celebrate your New Year party in different cities but for now, have to sit with the family and watch TV.

I am pretty sure this would happen to everyone. We really wish to celebrate our New Year on Burj Khalifa. But in real life, you most of the time celebrate your new year with your family while watching some award function on TV.