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We Need You Back; Hum Paanch, Shanti, Malgudi Days. Your's Sincerely- Indian TV Sets!

We Need You Back; Hum Paanch, Shanti, Malgudi Days. Your's Sincerely-  Indian TV Sets!

Being surrounded by illogical, senseless shows where anyone can turn into anything from snakes to bees, we would like to say Enough is Enough! Is there any absurdity that's we are yet left to watch on Indian television? Our answer is No!

Well, if we talk about entertainment then Television is the foremost source to serve the purpose, however, can the fact be sidelined that today's TV serials are suffering from some serious logic issues? While watching today's shows, it seems that the directors and producers of Indian tv serials have developed some special kind of love and affection for animals and extraterrestrial life. It's much like they have lost all interest in real life stories, love, satire or another category. Don't know what led us from the time of much logical, realistic and comic shows to space and time where Indian Television shows look much similar to Steven Spielberg's Jurassic park movie!

So, we thought this is the high time when we should talk about Golden era of TV i.e. the 80s and 90s to let today's makers know what kind of sensibility we are expecting, being an educated youth of the country!

Come, let's walk back to 80's and 90's shows down the memory lane with us to embrace the actual flavors of drama i.e. art, romance, comedy and more, with its real essence...


Mandira Bedi from shanti (1994)


With Mandira Bedi as the lead,  this serial is amid the first of Indian dramas to talk about dysfunctional family. 

Flop Show(1989)

Flop Show(1989)

Who doesn't remember this? One of the funniest and satirical television show of all time! 

Tu Tu Main Main (1994-2000)

Tu Tu Main Main(1994-2000)

Talking about stereotype of a serious Saas-Bahu relationship? Our lovely saas -bahu jodi had broken it years ago. Their tu tu mai mai was too hysteric to watch!

Dekh Bhai Dekh (1993)

Dekh Bhai Dekh(1993)

Shekhar Suman with his perfect comic timing. The whole family drama was nothing as that of today's time yet was so refreshing and entertaining.