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What Your favorite holi color says about your personality!

What Your favorite holi color says about your personality!

We all love Holi colors because they are so vibrant and attractive. But still, we all have some our favorite colors. Holi colors come in various shades but there are one or two colors which attract you the most. So, which one is it - pink, blue, yellow, red, violet, orange, black or green? Pick one and we will tell you what kind of a person you are.


: If you love pink gulal and love splashing your friends all pink, it means you are a very sweet and faithful person. It is the color of friendship and support and suggests that you love making friends, are compassionate and care about them.


The stable and calm souls out there, blue are your holi color. Blue gulal means you are romantic and reliable. It also says that you can act a bit sensitive at times but that's fine because your sincerity is beautiful.


To all the happy souls out there, choosing yellow means you are merry. You are a soul who loves sharing knowledge with others. You find happiness easy and happiness also finds you easily. Now, that’s a blessing.


This one is the favorite of all the passionate souls. Your defining traits are determination, tenacity and love for life. You believe in living life to its fullest.