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6 Places Where You Are Banned To Go

6 Places Where You Are Banned To Go

In this age of the Internet today, it is beyond the reach of thinking that without any transport, such as airplanes and new technology, we can go anywhere. There was no such instrument in earlier times with which we can get to know where other people are. But today we can get any information from any corner of the world, but it was not possible in the olden times. People could hide important information, intelligence information with gold, diamonds too. It is believed that this information was hidden in old buildings or in destroyed places or places in World War II which were far from the reach of the general public.

So, today we are going to tell you about some places where you cannot go:

1. Club 33, United States

Club 33 originally was a restaurant in Disneyland. Walt Disney used it as a secret club for rich people. There is a secret panel in which there is a way inside. Just recently it was opened for 100 selected people whose fees were kept at $ 25,000.

2. Vatican Secret Archives, Italy

The archbishop of the Vatican City is not a secret but yes, no one is permitted to enter the pope without permission. Apart from this, if you get an opportunity to go here, you can see the documents which are 75 years old.

3. Snake Island, Brazil

There is an island in Brazil near the island of São Paulo, known as Snake Island. The government has kept the ban from visiting this place because this island is full of dangerous snakes. Snake Iceland is the only island where a golden lancehead wiper snake is found which world's dangerous snake.

4. Mezhgorye, Bashkortostan

This is a small town where 17,000 dwellers already live. Even then you can not go here. Because the Federal Government of Russia has banned for going here. According to them, here is the Secret Russian company that ordinary people can not visit.