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Would You Believe Us if We Say Potatoes Killed a whole family?

Would You Believe Us if We Say Potatoes Killed a whole family?

Something very unusual and weird happened with a family in Russia! The family had put potatoes in their basement perhaps so that after some time they can fetch it and the whole family can take a good taste of french fries! But what happened next made them taste Death instead of anything else! 

Their bad luck started when Maria Chelysheva's father first went to the basement to get some potatoes, but unfortunately, he never returned. Followed by this his wife i.e. Maria's mother went to the basement in order to look for her husband, but she too didn't return. Now, perhaps the girl's father and mother both were in some serious trouble so her younger brother went downside the basement to look for them but he too failed to have made a comeback... 

Was there anything spooky in the basement?

One after the other all three of her family members went to the basement and never returned. Now the only one left behind was her grandmother. However, this time the grandmother did let the neighbors know what was going wrong with the family. It's shocking, but she too never returned.

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Now, you may be thinking that there is something horrifying with that basement, related to ghost or paranormal activity?

But the truth behind the family members' death was something very surprising!


The potatoes that they went to brought actually killed this 8-year-old's whole family!

Actually, potatoes became poisonous being kept for a long time in a fully packed room.


Many of us have no idea, however, potatoes contain a compound called glycoalkaloids that can make the potatoes toxic when they are stored for a longer period of time. So even if you breathe the air in a room where these rotten potatoes have been stored you might die.  This is the same compound that is also found in some nightshade plants. Well, this may sound a fake news to you, however, the incident did happen dated back 3-4 years back. The reason for putting this story across now is to just make you aware of the fact that how dangerous rotten food items could become in the long run.  So, the next time you wanna store potatoes or something else for a long time then do think twice!