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Geeta's knowledge is very relevant to practical life

Geeta's knowledge is very relevant to practical life

Bhagavad Geeta is one of the holy and pious books of Hindu mythology. This book is India's most spiritual religious books which has been ration people since ages. It helps you to connect with their true spirit of life and so that we can understand the life circle. I would say not only Hindus or Indian but people from overseas also follow it.

The conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjuna where in Lord Krishna teaches him the Geeta Gyan, when Arjuna was loosing strength to fight with his brothers. The Geeta Gyan is so useful and relevant to present day as well. 

This book is a Guide book of life which helps you to understand the myth of life. In this book you will find all the answer of relationship, worldly wisdom. 

The teachings of Bhagavad Geeta come handy to all of us when we face troubles in our lives and it helps us to get over all the complexities of life.

Nature And Soul Relation:

Human  body is made up of 'Agni', 'Jal', 'Vayu', 'Prithvi' and it combines with them after the death. According to Geeta soul is everlasting and it never dies. It just changes bodies.

Do Your Work Without Expectation:

According to Geeta, we should never keep expectations. Though its a human nature because whenever we do something, we always do it with the expectation of getting good results. Having a goal of achieving something is not bad, but doing something with the hope of gaining something might not be a good idea.

God Is All mighty He Knows What Is Good For Us

We must keep in mind that whatever happens, happens for good. According to Geeta you should always keep faith on God. God is all mighty he knows what is best for you. We should not keep sorrow from our past nor should we be worried about our future. We must focus on our present and live in it. Past actions and deeds can only give you better experiences and lessons to learn from so that we will never repeat those mistakes.

Everything Is Perishable

This is a bitter truth that nothing in this world is permanent or immortal. One who takes birth dies one day and this is the ultimate truth of life.