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This President Of Uruguay Lived The Life Of A Common Man

This President Of Uruguay Lived The Life Of A Common Man

José Mujica - Like India, the President of North America's Uruguay country is the first citizen of the country. In this country, José Mujica was the President of the nation who made the country wealthy but himself became poor.

Former Uruguay President Jose Mujica has been 82 years old today. In Uruguay's history, his name is still taken with great respect. Despite being a high-ranking President, he has always lived a simple life. Despite being the President, he spent the life of a common citizen.

Is a great celebrity president:

Spend as a member of the Tupamaros guerilla of Uruguay in the 1960s and 70s. Before becoming President, José Mujica was shot six times and he remained in jail for 14 years. He was associated with a Left Armed Forces inspired by the Cuban Revolution. After that, he joined politics. In 2010, Uruguay was sworn in as the 40th President and in 2015, he took the country to the summit and retired from politics.

2 room house and farming:

In Uruguay politics, Mujica is considered the world's poorest president. It is said that he has always lived a life of a poor. He lived in a 2 room house instead of Rashtrapati Bhavan. He used to wash his clothes himself as a common man and used to fill water from well.

Salaries were donated:

It is a record that Mujica never taken his salary. He used to donate 90 percent of his salary. Mujica refused to take all kinds of facilities. Mujica got $ 13300 in the salary and from that he used to donate $ 12,000 to the poor. In this way José Mujica is called the world's poorest president. No ordinary person has lived like this till now. During his tenure, he has made Uruguay advancing on the path of progress.