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World's Popular Places Which Have Converted Into Suicidal Points

World's Popular Places Which Have Converted Into Suicidal Points

We have only one chance to make the worth of our life and to enjoy the life. But, in many circumstances, some people decide to end this beautiful gift of God. They could not collect courage and see suicide is the only solution to get rid of all the problems.

Many people around the world embrace death with their will and for that thet choose a natural place to commit suicide. In this connection, today we are going to tell you about some similar suicide spot.


Colorado Street Bridge (California)

- Thousands of people have given their lives on the 1500 ft tall Colorado Street Bridge located here. Here, 10 people commit suicide every year.

Mount Mihara

- In 1933, 944 people committed suicide at this Suicide Point, located in Oshima, Japan. Every year many people jump in hot volcanoes and give up their lives.

Bichi Head UK

- From the year 1600, people have been committing suicide at this spot. On average, around 20 people end their lives here.

Golden Gate Bridge (America)

- Golden Gate Bridge located in America is America's most popular suicide point where 1600 people have already ended their lives.

Niagara Falls

- Between 1856 and 1995, more than 2,780 people committed suicide at Niagara Falls.