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NASA Is Up With A Good News: Discovers 7 Earth-Like Planet That Has Existence Of Water

NASA Is Up With A Good News: Discovers 7 Earth-Like Planet That Has Existence Of Water

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National Aeronautics Space And Administration (NASA) scientists have announced a huge discovery on Wednesday. And their discovery says...

Seven Earth-size planets orbiting a small star not too far away from our solar system. Water is found on this planet which we all know is the main element of survival. It is said, Nothing is Impossible because Impossible itself says I am possible! and our scientists have proved that. This is immensely shocking that seven stars are altogether founded by the NASA for the very first time in the history of science.

All the seven planets altogether make another solar system with all the planets orbiting around an ultra dwarf star named as Trappist-1 which is 40 light years away from the earth (approx 235 trillion miles). Scientists are still studying the atmospheres of the planets to be very sure regarding if survival is possible there or not. 

Red dwarf stars as Tappist-1 are found in abundance in space, so there is a possibility that scientists could be coming along with more planetary systems like this one in the upcoming years.

The astronomers initially used the telescope to study the star, which they call an “ultracool dwarf”, with only one-twelfth the mass of the sun and a surface temperature of 4,150 degrees Fahrenheit, much cooler than the 10,000 degrees radiating from the sun.

All the planets around the Tappist-1 are quite close to the dwarf star and encircle it faster than the planets in our solar system. 

Its closest planet complete an orbit in 1.5 days and 20 days in the farthest. The most interesting part is that the exoplanets are so near to the cool star and its surface that it could have the right temperature for the existence of water- which we all know is the most vital element for the existence of life!

This discovery is a major breakthrough in the history of NASA...


Seven Earth-sized planets have been observed by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope around a tiny, nearby, ultra-cool dwarf star called TRAPPIST-1. Three of these planets are firmly in the habitable zone!