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Mobile Phones That Are Way Costlier Than iPhone

Mobile Phones That Are Way Costlier Than iPhone

When it comes to the iPhone, then, who does not want to buy it, there is no doubt that everyone is crazy for the iPhone, but there are many people who can not buy the iPhone due to their budget. People who buy expensive iPhones, they just think that there can be no better phone than iPhone in the world.

So today we are going to show you the features of such selected smartphones in the world, which are not just ahead in qualities but in price also. 


The Israel based startup company, named Serin Labs, has launched a smartphone that is priced more than the iPhone. Solarin, priced at about 9 lakhs, is equipped with modern design and technology which works on an Android-based platform. This phone has high-tech security features with 256-bit chip-to-chip encryption.

Goldwish Eclipse:

Leather finish and metal body Goldwish Eclipse phones cost more than the iPhone. The 5.5 inch screen is priced at Rs 5 lakh. As well as being a scratch resistant, Qualcomm works on the Android platform with Snapdragon processor.

Mobiyado Grand Touch EM Marble:

This phone, named MOBIADO Grand EM Marble, is very different from other phones in the world. The most important feature of this phone is that its body is made from some precious stones. You will not get this feature of the phone worth about 2 lakh rupees in the iPhone.

Tonino Lamborghini 88 Tauri :

Luxury company Lamborghini has launched its luxury smartphone market. This phone with scratch resistant screen features has been launched in the market in many colors besides black and silver. The price of this phone in the market is being told about Rs 3.3 lakh.