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Some lip smack foods that will give you an Ummmm...

Some lip smack foods that will give you an Ummmm...

Now a day’s its became a fashion to blame on foods.  Food causes cancer, food is the reason behind lifestyle diseases, food leads to obesity, food is loaded with chemicals and food is what we must be careful about! But  let me tell you it is not food, but our lifestyle which is the real culprit. Not exercising enough, indulging in excessive binge eating and not following the rules of eating right are the actual sins that we tend to commit. We have almost forgotten to indulge in the foods that comfort us. Almost all of us have one favourite food that we like to go back to. So, what's that one comfort food which you cannot do without and which gives you real happiness? Here is a list of some foods that have a huge fan following when it comes to comfort eating!

Cheese Pizza

For cheese lovers cheese pizza is like a heavens food. The melting cheese can make you crazy. Kids love cheese pizza more than anything.

Rajma Chawa

Any north Indian love to have rajma chawal. The authentic and spicy gravey of rajama with steam rice is the best combination .


O My God! The mouthwatering Butter chicken with kulcha or rumali roti is the best teat for tastebuds.


This Italian dish is now the world famous dish. It comes with three diffrent variety of greavy like red sauce pasta, white sauce pasta, and pink sauce pasta.