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Have You Ever Traveled Nude In A Flight?

Have You Ever Traveled Nude In A Flight?

There are so many weird things and traditions in the world that you will be surprised to know about. Very few people believe that there can be something similar in the world that can be extremely surprising but there is an airline which allow it's passengers to go nude while flying.

Yes, Nude travels in the airline, it is absolutely true that all the passengers in this airline travel by nude. Airlines all over the world are engaged in improving the service provided by them. In the same episode in 2008, the German Travel Agency launched the world's first Nude Airline service. During this journey, when the plane reached 30 thousand feet, all the passengers take off their clothes.

This flight's journey starts from German city Erfurt to Baltic Sea resorts and this make the journey memorable from this idea. During the boarding, passengers board with all clothes on, but after flying, all the passengers take off their clothes.

Likewise, If you ever get a chance to visit Vietnam, then travel in Vietnam jet airplane. The flight feature is that the hot and sexy air hostesses wearing bikini are present for the help of passengers. The company's CEO Naguen Thi Fuong Tho says that every airline keeps doing something new to make its service popular and attractive. We have also come up with this special way to promote our airline. By doing this, the journey is fun and memorable for the passengers and the travelers like to travel from the same airlines repeatedly.