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You Won't Believe What Happened when a Burger King Cook Took a Meal Home...

You Won't Believe What Happened when a Burger King Cook Took a Meal Home...

A cook named Usha Ram from Vancouver, Canada Burger King asked her head, Tayyaba Salman, in Hindi to take a fish sandwich meal home, her head said ok take it. Here a misunderstanding took place as Salman thought that Ram meant just the sandwich and not a full meal!

After this, the cook took the complete fish sandwich meal to her home, the head saw this and he went and told her boss, Mr. Mohammed they considered it as a theft. Followed this Mr. Mohammed fired Usha Ram for his theft.  

Ram asked his boss that I will pay now for the meal I took home but the boss took it as an admission of guilt.

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Judge Ordered Burger King to Pay $46,000 To Ms. Ram

At the time when Usha Ram was fired she was earning $21,000, she was working there from 24 long years. The judge ordered Burger King co-owners, Mr Mohammed and Michael Lacombe, to pay Ram $21,000 in general damages, or the equivalent of one-year severance. The judge also awarded Ram $25,000 in aggravated damages for emotional distress.


According to the court documents, store policy permits employees to have free beverages during their shift, and a 50% discount on food, but managers were allowed to make exceptions. In keeping view Usha Ram’s age and her family conditions the judge gave this verdict.

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The judge said, Had he simply turned his mind to the specific words that Mr Salman said Ms. Ram used when she asked to take the food, or the fact that Ms Ram made no attempt to conceal what she was doing, he would likely have appreciated the significant possibility of a misunderstanding between Ms. Ram and Ms Salman, Justice Warren ruled.