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Things Bengalis Do During Nine Days Of Navaratri

Things Bengalis Do During Nine Days Of Navaratri

The very auspicious nine days of worship and garba has started. Navaratri has been celebrated all over the nation with different rituals and customs. The common thing which we can see everywhere is the great pomp and show for this festival. Where we can see the unique level of Garba in Gujarat and in Bengal, we see the grand worship of Goddess Durga.

We all know that these nine days of Navaratri are very important for Bengalis. Their way to perform Durga Puja is just tremendous and it is worth to see. In this row, we are going to show you a video which is based on the people of Bengal. This video shows that the different things that are performed by Bengalis during Durga Puja. The video is shared by YouTube channel ScoopWhoop which has more than 850,326 subscribers.

What the Bengalis so during Durga Puja is shown in this video of ScoopWhoop! On the one hand, girls can be seen shopping most of the time while boys can be seen eating. What they do more, let's watch this video of ScoopWhoop. This video has so far received 89,786 views and the count is on.


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