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This Bollywood Actress Doesn't Like Cleaning Her House!

This Bollywood Actress Doesn't Like Cleaning Her House!

Well, in the movies, you must have seen big actresses playing the character of a daughter and daughter-in-law who after taking care of family members, takes up all the responsibility of household on their shoulders. But even in the real life, do these actresses do the work of their home with the same heart as they show in the movies?

There are some actresses like Priyanka Chopra, who loves to keep her house clean. Also Deepika Padukone has OCD that makes her always clean her house 

Buy, hardly any actress will do the work of her own house in real life and maid are present to clean the house. Today, we are going to tell you about a similar Bollywood's bold actress who does not like to clean the house - the actress, who wants to clean up her house but she finds herself tired of cleaning the house herself.

She is none other than Neha Dhupia. Actress Neha Dhupia has acted in many films and she is at 37, Neha looks very hot and glamorous. Recently Neha shared a few things about her personal life with her fans during an interview. According to Neha, the neat atmosphere of the house and its surroundings fascinates their mind. But Neha does not like to clean the house herself at all.

If Neha believes that she lives alone in Mumbai, the responsibility of cleaning the whole house is on her shoulders, despite she doesn't clean her house. However Neha does not like dirt at home and any kind of bad odor inside the house. Neha says that her kitchen is open and gradually the taste of home-made food reaches the entire dining and living room which she does not like at all. This is the actress who does not like to clean the house - even if Neha does not like any kind of dirt and smell in the house, but she does not even like to clean it, so it is possible that her house should be fully dependent of maid.