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A Chef Reveals What It's Like to Make a Career in this Field and It's Not As Cool As We Expected!

A Chef Reveals What It's Like to Make a Career in this Field and It's Not As Cool As We Expected!

It's not that we are discouraging or scaring anyone and also it is true that struggles are the part of every path or career that you take. However, here we have just tried to get you along the potential hurdles that a Chef faces along his career!

Think a little before starting your career as a chef. The road will be long and treacherous. It is not such an easy job, it's not too tough either. This idea to write about the life of a chef came from an old friend, the time he met me once 2 yrs and shared his stories.

He as a chef traveled a lot, lived in a country where he always wanted to go- Ireland! But, there are many hidden aspects that he shared as he faced all this while. What I comprehended hearing his story is that- it's again a thankless job with a lot of hard work but the outcomes are not very unsatisfactory! Let's see what happens when you take the path of being a chef... 

You meet different kind of people, few of different social classes. You get a chance to work in good restaurants, in average ones too, and Just a few hours in dreadful shitholes.
Read all these points below to know about the life of a chef, but read it carefully as there are many things which they have to go through that you even never expected...

cuts in hand

-Your hands will be continuously cut, burned, skinned. Your back will be painful all your life

chef with the team

-You would loose all your friends, with no time to meet them for a night out or a birthday party

chef friend

Being a chef isn't as fascinating as it looks on TV, it's a really hectic and tiresome job

working chef

Yes, its right you will be working during weekends, bank holidays, Xmas,Easter, Sylvester, Valentines day.. Just name an occasion and you're sure working on the day