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Wildlife Paradise

Wildlife Paradise

Really Wild Life has its own charm. If you are wild life lover than Uganda has to be in your travel bucket list. The East African gem of a country Uganda, is known as the “Pearl of Africa” and not without reasons. This extraordinary destination is known for its natural beauty and abundant wildlife that Africa is famous for, but seeing Africa through Uganda is an experience you would cherish all your life! Our friend Tim from Africa Homestays helped us put together this piece and we are so thankful to him! There are over ten national parks here teeming with wildlife and unique landscapes that are absolutely breathtaking. There are dense forests, snow clad peaks and fauna, as diverse as it gets.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

What makes Queen Elizabeth National Park different from others is the existence of volcanic craters here. This volcano lends a surreal beauty to the landscape and supports diverse life forms in this national park. Queen Elizabeth boasts of having the highest concentration of hippos in the world! And that is not all, this forest harbours Chimpanzees, antelopes, elephants and the King of the jungle too! Apart from the wildlife, it is the spectacular scenery of Queen Elizabeth National park that steals the heart of visitors here

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

The density of the forest in Bwindi need not be discussed as the name itself says impenetrable”! You would be surprised to know that nearly half the planet’s remaining mountain gorillas live in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. It also holds the honor of being one of only three places in the world where travelers can see these endangered animals in the wild and also of being a UNESCO world heritage site.

Katonga Wildlife Reserve

Located in the western part of Uganda, Katonga Wildlife reserve gets its name from the Katonga River, on whose banks this mighty reserve is situated. Fairly new forest reserve, Katonga was established in 1998 over approximately 211 square kilometers (81 sq miles).

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