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101 elephants to march across India: November!

101 elephants to march across India: November!

This is really a great and rare attempt to fight for their basic rights, 101 elephants will unite for Elephant Parade India and march across Indian metros starting this month. let discover some fact and the purpose of this event.





Elephant Parade India

These tuskers are no ordinary beings, though. They are brightly shaded, bejewelled and well-patterned elephants made of fibre-glass. In November, they will parade through Jaipur, New Delhi, and Kolkata and end their journey in Mumbai in February 2018.

What are they looking for?

Nirvana! Yeah, in a way, ‘coz their habitat has been vandalised by the growing poaching, deforestation and commercialisation. Like any animal of the wilderness, elephants are also having a hard time dealing with the trauma that comes with loss of habitat. So much so, the number of elephants living in India has reduced by 90 percent according to Elephant Family, an international charitable organisation working for the conservation of the Asian elephant. The objective of organising Elephant Parade India is to sensitise people about this serious threat to these intelligent species.

What additional…

Once the parade is over, the elephants will be put up for sale to the highest bidder for raising funds for Elephant Family’s animal welfare project. About 101 corridors shall be built for the elephants with the auction money that will let the animals fearlessly move around in the wilderness of India. This would also cut down the risk of having a violent face-off with the humans. Elephant Family has organised 23 such rallies all over the world in the past 16 years to spread awareness and raise funds for the well-being of the Asian elephant. Their last project was in Londonin 2010, and it featured 250 vibrantly-hued elephants. Around 25 million people participated in the parade, and £4 million (Rs. 34.2 crore) were collected for funding 160 field programmes across Thailand, Indonesia (Sumatra), Myanmar, Cambodia and India.

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