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5 Foods Can Stop Anyone To Commit Suicide

5 Foods Can Stop Anyone To Commit Suicide

Many students in fear of getting failed in exams try to commit suicide because the pressure of being failed makes them so depressed. Many people take this step due to tension in their life. But suicide can not solve any problem. If you ever have such thoughts in your mind then you should eat these foods. So do not let the thought of such suicide come in your mind.



It contains mono saturated fat and omega three fatty acids. These can improve the mood and remove the depression.


Bananas contain elements such as vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrate which help keep negative things away from the mind.


There is bromelin in it which is quite effective in removing sadness.


Triptophan and thyroxine are found in the egg. With boosting the mood, the levels of serotonin hormones also increase by eating egg.