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A 23-years-old is returning to his country after 4 long years of traveling with only 46 pounds in his pocket

A 23-years-old is returning to his country after 4 long years of traveling with only 46 pounds in his pocket

The dream of traveling around the world is of many people, but there are few people who can actually live this dream. But a young man from Germany has done this despite having the infavourable conditions. He had seen many fluctuations in his journey of 45 countries and 1511 days of his amazing journey but he did this with only 46 pounds in pocket.

Christopher Scott is 23 years old and he is returning to his country Germany on Sunday. Chris, living in Sahms, a small village in Schleswig-Holstein, is excited about returning home after a four year visit. Christopher started his journey on July 1, 2013. He had just 50 pounds in his pocket and he reached the destination he dreamt of.

At that time maybe Chris would not even realize that his trip would last for 62000 miles. Chris also crossed the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean by boat. During his trip, Chris did many such things that he probably never tries in normal life. During this, he distributed hands on a yacht and also worked among drug smugglers. During this period, he used all kinds of transport except the plane.

During this trip, he also had many exciting rounds. In the country of Vanuatu he was very close to the shaking volcano. He said that once upon a very dark night we were moving towards a volcano, and as soon as we reached the top of Volcano, a terrible wave appeared on our side. He said that during the time it seemed as if the whole earth was shaken. One of our partners was just a few steps away from Lava. Although we managed to escape The more scary it was, the more exciting it was.

Over the last four years, I have spent hundreds of nights in the open space below. Many times I slept on the streets, sometimes on the ports, sometimes I spent the night in the downtown areas of the city. He said that 'I was living with drug smugglers, some of them were criminals and I even had Hitchhiking in almost every country, say fate or something else but in the last four years no incident of looting with me happened . '

Chris said that 'as soon as I reached British Guyana. I made two girls my friend. These girls offered to stay with me but they had already cleared that they live in the middle of a Ghetto. I accepted her offer. '