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When Spice Jet Airline Sold In Just Two Rupees!

When Spice Jet Airline Sold In Just Two Rupees!

If you are given two rupees to buy something, then you will refuse to say that nothing can be bought for two rupees. But SpiceJet Airlines was bought by one person in two rupees.

It is impossible to believe it but this is the truth.

Two years ago, the condition of the famous airline company SpiceJet was very bad then the company was bought by Indian businessman Ajay Singh for only two rupees. Currently, the airline is the cheapest air travel facility, provider.

Ajay Singh took 58.46 percent share from Kalanidhi Maran the then owner, for just 2 rupees. At that time Kalanidhi Company KAL Airways Pvt. Ltd had possession of it. This is revealed in Bloomberg's report.

The disclosure of the case came when the Convertible Securities dispute reached in the High Court of Delhi. For the first time, the acquisition of a company was done without paying the cast.

SpiceJet had to shut down due to non-payment of $ 2.2 million bill. Today it is one of the big companies. The rule is that if a listed company takes any acquisition, then it has to disclose its value, but in the case of SpiceJet it was not disclosed by Ajay Singh nor Kalanidhi Maran.

This was the cheapest deal in history.

No deal has been done so far at such a low price. Now call it a misfortune of Kalanidhi or Ajay Singh . After acquiring it, Singh made all the efforts which resulted in the fact that today it has become the cheapest and best air-flight company.