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Mumbai Has Been Keeping The Secret Of Gilbert Hill In It For 6 Million Years Ago

Mumbai Has Been Keeping The Secret Of Gilbert Hill In It For 6 Million Years Ago

The city of Mumbai is also called 'Mayanagari'. Even today, the city is keeping many secrets inside it. One of which is located in the middle of the city of Mumbai and has crooned millions of people quietly.

Actually, we are talking about Gilbert Hill of Mumbai. This structure is located on a very heightened hill which is located in western Andheri, Mumbai. In reality, this framework is not a mystery, but most people do not know about the story behind it.

6 million years ago from today, a broken star hit the Earth, from which the entire dinosaur species became dissipated and the volcano erupted. During this time, Gilbert Hill was born, and it is believed that this basalt stone structure comes in the oldest structures of the world, standing up to date. This mountain is more ancient than the thought of the human race and any tree-plant or mountain range present here.

It is believed that Gilbert Hill, made of basalt rock, is a monolith column, and in fact it was in the Mesozoic era 6 million years ago. This hill was discovered by geologist Grove Karl Gilbert, and since then the rock has been named Gilbert Hill. In today's time this hill has become a tourist spot. Unlike other structures, you can spend a relaxing holiday here. There are two temples on the hill which are dedicated to the Village Devi and Durga Mata. At present, after the efforts of environmentalists and geologists, Gilbert Hill has attained the status of unique heritage structure and several major steps have also been taken to preserve this structure.