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Coconut Mantra: Eat healthy, live healthy

Coconut Mantra: Eat healthy, live healthy!

Coconut is an all-rounder that can not only keep your gut healthy but heal your skin and keep it glowing. With hundreds of coconut species available in India, the taste of this nut varies according to its soil alkalinity. Known as ‘Nariyal’ in Hindi, it has a high level of dietary fiber and provides a whopping 61% of fiber content to the human body if consumed on a daily basis. Coconut fiber slows down the release of glucose and transports it to the cell where it is converted into energy. It also assists in relieving stress on the pancreas and enzyme systems which reduce the risk of developing diabetes. You will be surprised to know that it contains a high amount of saturated fats, but they are not harmful at all. The fatty acids present in it are absorbed by the body and go directly to the liver from the digestive tract that has further therapeutic effects on brain disorders like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s.  So now it’s time to start incorporating coconut into your daily routine for good health in winter.

Dessert pleasure

Coconut can enhance the sweetness of your desserts. Add grated coconut or coconut milk in your favourite sweet treat. You can also substitute all-purpose flour with coconut flour while baking a cake or make your pie tastier with a filling of tender coconut chunks.

Ideal for health drink

Make some refreshing drinks with a variety of fruits such as watermelon, orange or sweet lime and add coconut water to it to delight your guests. Serve your guests with kadhi made of kokum fruit and coconut milk after meals to aid digestion.

Smoothie for kids

If you are looking to give a twist to your daily fruit smoothie, try a tropical-flavoured one made of low-fat coconut milk or coconut water. You can also add tender coconut chunks along with your choice of fruit(s) and blend them together to enjoy something cool and healthy.

Curry call

If you have a craving for the tropical taste of coconut, infuse coconut milk or add grated coconut to your curries. You can also substitute olive oil with coconut oil to make your salad dressing and temper your chutneys, curd-based curries, poriyals, and dals with the precious coconut oil.