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Fashion Paradise Paris

Fashion Paradise Paris

Paris is the birth place of fashion. The whole fashion world gyrate around the Paris. Parisian style is so remarkable that everyone love to follow them. It’s not like that they prefer some specific look. It’s an attitude, a state of mind, cool and nonchalant.

Better still, with a few simple tips, even the first-time visitor to Paris can fit right in and navigates this beautiful, bewitching, often-contradictory city like a native.

THE Nitty-Gritty

The key to dressing like a Parisian is understatement – less is more, bling is out, ideally two colours maximum – mixing classic basics with vintage and luxury highlight pieces. Must-haves include a man-style blazer, trench, navy knit, jeans, leather jacket, ballerina flats and, of course, a little black dress.


It’s impossible to imagine a Parisian without a perfectly slung scarf. Even the language brims with multiple words for this accessory – whether it’s a silk foulard, cosy echarpe or etole to drape about the shoulders if timeless is your goal and your budget generous, splash out at


MERCI (111 boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003): An on-the-pulse concept store with beautiful basics, the latest season’s must-haves, plus homewares, lighting and gifts. SOEUR (88 rue Bonaparte, 75006): Young, cool and bohemian. A.P.C ieille du Temple, 75003): Timeless and reliable for jeans, boots and that perfect striped tee. French Trotters (128 rue Vieille du Temple, 75003): Stocks lesser-known brands, plus candles, perfume and skincare.