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Food Lovers Head towards Kashmir for Kashmiri cuisine at Harisa festival

Food Lovers Head towards Kashmir for Kashmiri cuisine at Harisa festival

Kashmir is the real paradise on earth and Kashmir cuisine is no less than the havens food.  If you never had Kashmiri authentic food than Kashmir has to be on your travel bucket list for this winter holiday. Because Jammu and Kashmir going to organize a 10-day festival. Tourism Development Corporation (JKTDC), is giving tourists a taste of traditional Kashmiri cuisine. The festival titled, Harisa, is one of your best bets to get introduced to real Kashmiri cuisine, especially winter specials.


About The Festival

The Harisa Festival takes its name from the winter dish Harisa, which is a traditional Kashmiri bread and salt pink tea, locally known as noon chai. Harisa festival was inaugurated by Anjum Gupta, Managing Director, JK Tourism Development Corporation. She said in a statement that the festival has been organised in order to promote the state and its food to the other regions and states of India. She said, "We have been organising Harisa festival for the last three years to promote this cuisine and to introduce the local populace of Jammu region to this popular dish." JK Tourism had also organised Dogra food festival last month, and would further organise Kashmiri Wazwan festival at Jammu. Wazwan is basically a multi-course meal in Kashmiri cuisine.

A Great Effort by the Tourism Depatment of Jammu and Kashmir

The tourism corporation is also actively promoting Jammu and Kashmir in other states by organising festivals in these states. The aim of Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation is to promote tourism in the state by luring potential tourists to the cuisine of this beautiful state. Rest assured, along with the amazing food, we are also always enchanted by the beauty of this incredible state. The festival is currently ongoing, so you might want to visit and live the experience of being in one of the best food festivals.

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