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Goa with Kids?

Goa with Kids?

Goa is the most popular and much liked travel destination in India and around the globe as well. Generally Goa is consider a place for adults where you can have bachelors party, or plan your honeymoon. But if you're on a family vacation with the kids, there are so many things to do in Goa, that there'll never be a dull moment. Beach-side destinations are a favourite with all kids—from building castles in the sand and frolicking in the water, to getting adventurous with some water activities—nothing beats fun in the sun and sand. When you've had your fill of the beaches, move inland to discover the intricacies of the old Portuguese colony. Goa offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities ranging from churches and old forts, to interesting museums and wildlife sanctuaries. The kids will definitely enjoy themselves, and chances are that you will too.


With Kids you can go to BHAGWAN MAHAVEER SANCTUARY. With an area of more than 240 sq km, this park happens to be the largest wildlife sanctuary in Goa. Nestled in the Western Ghats, the sanctuary is home to pristine evergreen, semi evergreen and deciduous forests at different altitudes. The fauna includes the rare black panther, varieties of deer, bison, several members of the primate family, porcupines and a number of species of resident and migratory birds.


Give your kids some history knowledge. The former Portuguese capital of the region before Panjim, Old Goa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s home to several magnificent churches and cathedrals. Primarily constructed during the 16th and 17th centuries, these buildings have lofty exteriors and exquisitely decorated interiors.


This is one of the most impressive and is the second highest in India after the Jog Falls. The trip involves a short hike on the road and requires a minimum of fitness. The best season to see the falls is in the monsoons, soon after the rains.

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