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 Let’s Celebrate the spirit of India: Diwali Mela

 Let’s Celebrate the spirit of India: Diwali Mela

Mela word reminds me the veer zara song “Jahan baap ke kandhe chad kar bachhe dekhe mela mele me nat ke tamashe kulfi ke chaat ke thele”I think we all have some golden memories of mela from our childhood. Undoubtedly Diwali Mela is the most popular mela in India. Diwali can easily be called the biggest Indian festival. The festival of lights is celebrated with so much of enthusiasm in this country that it is evident even from the outer space; one of the satellites once captured a photograph of India lit up beautifully on the Diwali night. But apart from the lamps, fireworks and sweets, Diwali is also a gifting season, wherein people shop some of the most unique things for their relatives and friends. I think Diwali mela is a great place to shop for such things.

Defence Colony Diwali Bazaar

Known for a colourful and lively vibe, this Diwali mela is held at the posh locality of Defence Colony and is famous for having a fun-filled environment. Also available are a plenty of kiosks built inside the colourful canopies that sell a wide range of colourful diyas and other interesting items.

Sunder Nagar Diwali Mela

One of the oldest Diwali melas in Delhi, the extremely popular Sunder Nagar Diwali Mela has every ingredient that attracts visitors from all walks of life. Apart from the numerous shopping kiosks that sell a wide variety of interesting items that make for popular buys during Diwali, this mela offers enough entertainment in the form of giant Ferris Wheel ride, magic shows and countless food stalls.

Dilli Haat Diwali Mela:

Already a popular spot in Delhi to shop for handicrafts and traditional apparel, Dilli Haat also hosts an extremely popular Diwali mela every year. The buzz of this place becomes even more exciting with an increased number of stalls that sell everything, right from the festive apparel to Diwali curios and handicrafts for home.

Vivid Diwali Celebration Across The India

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