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P for Party, P for Pattaya: Truly for Party Animals!!!

P for Party, P for Pattaya:Truly for Party Animals!!!

 Pattaya is the famous and ultimate travel destination in Thailand. Basically, it’s a country where people go for breathtaking beaches and amazing nightlife. Many tourists around the globe visit this place every year. Here you have great chances of getting an exceptional drink are definitely in your favor — and the allure is sealed. The décor, music, ambiance and drink menu remains the sole dictators of the scene in this place.

This place is eminent for its Bars and clubs. Here you can the fanciest and expensive and innovative drinks. It could be a great holiday option for young. In this article, we will tell you some must-visit bars.



Arguably club

Let me tell you that ‘Arguably’ one of the oldest, iconic and classic clubs in Pattaya, located in Marine Disco is set close to the famed tree on the Walking Street. The decor, ambiance and the feel of the place is just incredible. If you happen to come from the beach, the club is located towards the right.

Differ Pub

Some time you need some place like which is for away from the city crowd. Differ pub is really a great option for peace lovers. As soon as you step into the Differ Pub to loosen up those weary muscles you will feel light. Here you can come for relaxing post-work cocktails, the eclectic, colourful lights and electrifying upholstery create the perfect backdrop. It’s a place more popular among the Thai crowd.

Gulliver’s Club

Gulliver’s Club can be recognised via its London Underground-style sign. This bar swank some of the most creative refreshing cocktails around. They also have pool tables, booths, long central bar, small tables and dance floor.

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P for Party, P for Pattaya: Truly for Party Animals!!!