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Read Few Unknown And Interesting Facts About Girls

Read Few Unknown And Interesting Facts About Girls

Girls or Women are considered the one of the most beautiful creations of God. But there are many facts about girls that you do not know probably. Today, we are telling you few such facts about girls. 

1. Talking about the eyes of women, it blinks twice as compared to men. 2. Girls use about 2kg 700gm lipsticks in their entire life. 3. When a woman does sex, then she likes to kiss for 2-4 minutes. 4. 40% of women in the US gets pregnant before the wedding. 5. Women can not digest anything in their stomach for a long time. 6. Women lie less than men. 7. Women speak more than men.

8. Women of India are called the most beautiful women in the world. 9. Women spend 10 years of their life in the kitchen. 10. The most attracted organ in the woman's body is her breast.