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Tom Alter Dies, Loved The Dilwalo Ki Delhi

Tom Alter Dies, Loved The Dilwalo Ki Delhi

In 1950, famously born in Mussoorie, Tom Alter died at his home in Mumbai on Friday night. Tom took the initial education from Woodstock School of Mussoorie and then went to Yale University. In the early 70's he returned to India. After this, he also studied here in the Pune-based Film and Television Institute of India. But he had affection for Delhi.

In an interview given to The Hindu newspaper, he had told that while living in Mussoorie, Delhi was like Mount Everest for him. The reason was that it was difficult for him to reach Delhi from Mussoorie. For this reason, once his father and uncle provided him a challenge.

He was told that if he goes to Delhi by cycle from Mussoorie and arrives 24 hours before, he will get three rupees. It was a period of 1966, when three rupees was equal to three hundred rupees today. In the interview, Tom told how he got out of Mussoorie at 6.30 in the morning with one of his friends and reached Delhi at 9.30 pm.

According to Tom, he had a lot of fun in Delhi on that day. First, he went to see the cinema. Then they had the mutton biryani and then he came back from the taxi. In 1969, his family shifted to Delhi only. He stayed here for 11 years.

Tom Alter was a big fan of Rajesh Khanna. He had told in an interview that he used to see Rajesh Khanna's First Day First show of the film. He watched first show of many films of Rajesh Khanna like Anand, Dushman and Amar Prem in Regal Cinema at Connaught Place here


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