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Remember this Viral Starving-Nigerian-Kid? He is Fit And Ready for the New Chapter of his Life!

Remember this Viral Starving-Nigerian-Kid? He is Fit And Ready for the New Chapter of his Life!

We all remember the kid from Nigeria who was starving and there were very fewer chances for him to survive. The internet was flooded with his photos just a while ago, with a woman offering him water and food. Who can forget the humanitarian was- Anja Ringgeren who literally bestowed a new life to the hungry kid! She called the kid ‘HOPE’. She did everything for the survival of this child and with the help of TVC she transformed the child totally.

Well, all her efforts soon came to fruition, and after a while, when the photos of this kid in good health broke on the internet, recovering from all the miseries, it filled everyone's heart with pleasure and contentment. However, now the kid is about to step into the new phase of his life and you won't be able to stop yourself from being in Awww!

anja with hope

She did Gave her Everything for the Well-being of his Life!

When the kid was in misery, Anja took of situation herself! She took the boy in her arms to the hospital. The boy was treated for malnutrition and stomach worms. A ray of hope was came into light from then onward! The child started recovering within 8 months. A time came when he became totally fit and fine and nobody could believe that this is the same kid and it is even possible that he could have transformed this quickly. All the credit goes to Anja Ringgeren! Now you would be shocked to know but 'Hope' has fully recovered and even started going to schools! Isn't it great?

hope drinking water

Here is Hope ready for the First Day at School!

Anja Ringgren said, she will spend her life in evacuating poverty from the country. She is really one great women and a person, the world is in great need of!

She currently works as an observer and a relief worker in Dan Church Aid. Her selfless service to the mankind without shows that humanity still exists!