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Some easy Tips and hacks to make you smell good throughout the day

Some easy Tips and hacks to make you smell good throughout the day

If someone smells good, he or she catches the limelight in the party. Actually, Nobody wants’ to smell bad because bad smell always left a bad impression. But some time due to humid weather condition we face bad smell problem.  While it's important to choose perfumes wisely, so in this article we are going to you some simple and easy tricks and tips that will help the fragrance last longer.

Use petroleum jelly

To lock the fragrance of perfumes, apply petroleum jelly on pulse points like wrists, necks, elbows, ankles and knees. That's because oily skin can retain the essence of perfumes better. You can also use regular moisturisers. Don't apply antiperspirant when your body is wet.

Alcohol helps

We get that you are always in a hurry to make it to college/work on time, but if you don't want to offend your neighbour with your body odour, do everyone a favour and pat yourself completely dry after a shower before spritzing on the antiperspirant. Some major salon expert, says, "Some people have severe body odour. In such cases, rub a little hand sanitiser under your arms. In fact, even alcohol can help keep odour at bay."

Where you store your perfume matters

Many experts says, never leave your perfume and deodorants in the bathroom or other damp and cold places. It's advisable to put your bottle of perfume back in its original box. Otherwise, the fragrance will not last long.

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