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Strange Love Couple Who Drink Each Other's Blood

Strange Love Couple Who Drink Each Other's Blood

We see many love birds totally involved in love for each other and they find different ways to express their love. Today,  we are going to tell you about a couple whose way to express their love for each other will not only amaze but also will shock you.


Actually, this duo expresses their love by drinking blood of each other. Yes, this couple love to drink blood of each other. This is the way to express love by an Italy couple. You may find it dangerous and strange. But this way of loving your partner is very beautiful.

30-year-old Mago Denis and 20-year-old Ilaria is the couple who do this dangerous task of love. There are many videos of them on their FB page in which they both are seen to be expressing their love. Actually this couple drink one another blood for the first time during a show. After this, they started doing the same. They believe that by doing so, they show their love and devotion to each other.