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The Scenario Of India Before British Period

The Scenario Of India Before British Period

India was known as Golden Bird(Sone Ki Chidiya) before the British rule. Then British throned India and have ruled India for 150 years. They have looted a lot from India, so has given this country a lot of good. Also due to the British rule, today India is facing a lot of hunger and poverty.

Have you ever wondered how our country would be if the British did not come to India? Today we are showing you a glimpse of the GDP of India and are also talking about some unheard things related to it.

# India would have been the Richest Country:

India had many priceless gems and diamond-jewels like Kohinoor. In ancient times, no other country was as wealthy as India. According to this, India was the third richest country in the world today. You must be surprised to know that during the slavery, the British used to take the wealth of 4 million pounds every year from India. This figure was very much at that time.

#Drastic impact of World War II:

India was also a peace-loving nation and even today our country gives the message of peace, but during slavery, the British had sent one million soldiers to war in World War II.

#Indian industry would have been stronger today:

The impact of slavery of the British was also on the Indian industries. The Englishmen took the textile industry of India to England and this caused huge losses to India today.

#Change in education:

In ancient times, there used to be Gurukul for education in India, but the British spread Western education and destroyed our culture.


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