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This Storm If Come In America Will Destroy Everything

This Storm If Come In America Will Destroy Everything

The more dangerous the storms are, the reason behind their names is equally exciting.

Often you will have to hear the names of storms in the United States. Sometimes Katrina and sometimes Arin. If you laugh on these names, then there will be questions in your mind that such names are also of a storm!

It is named seven years before the storm actually comes in America i.e., the name of the storm which will have to come in 2022, its name is fixed in 2005 already.

If there is a terrible storm in America in 2022, then its name will be Alex. This storm will be the most terrible one that will destroy America. If there are many storms, then twenty-one hurricanes will be called Walter.

It has been foretold in Alex that it would be the most dangerous that would come between June and November. The storm is common in America. The most damage occurs due to the storm. Sometimes this storm takes the form of a flood that creates a catastrophic all around.

The history behind the nomination of the storm:

During the second world war, the storm coming in the sea was given the names of his wives and girlfriends on the demand of sailors. This practice has begun since then. But after 1970, due to its opposition, one name is of male and female.

Hence the name-

It is believed to give such names that such names are more easily remembered by the people. For this, a team of scientists has been prepared which holds the names of these

storms. America keeps a total of 21 names each year, which is kept in a hurry when the storm arrives. These storms are also given a number so that the name is not mixed.

Of course, the US has started it, but it has now started adopting in many countries including India. Hood had, which came in Orissa. 


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