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Omg! Bahubali 2 To Be Watched By Queen Elizabeth And Pm Modi

Omg!Bahubali 2 To Be Watched By Queen Elizabeth And Pm Modi

Bahubali was one of that film that grabbed all of our attention by its tremendous amount of screenplay and extraordinary acting. It was considered as one of the best films of 2015. 

By this unbelievable success of the first part, the directors of the film decided to make the second part as well.


Queen Elizabeth And Narendra Modi To Watch Bahubali 2

Few days ago Director SS.Rajamouli claimed that Bahubali 2 would be released in mid-march this year.This news will surely gonna make all the fans happy, a report claims that Queen Elizabeth II and PM Modi would be among the first ones who would get to see Baahubali 2. We know you won't believe but this is fact, rumours are flying all over that British Film institute is all set to screen Indian films as part of ‘India on film’ program from 24th April. While if this is true so we might get a chance of showing our Indian films globally.