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Tune your music with new travel playlist!

Tune your music with new travel playlist!

A nice song is always a good companion and can make your mood anywhere. Actually, Music is a journey and journey is music. For a journey can be musical if you know what songs to play while traveling. We are pretty sure you all have your own travel playlist ready and updated from time to time. These playlists are life savers and I am sure must also be your favorite Hindi travel songs whenever you are on a trip; irrespective of the mode of commute. You could be on a road trip, a train travel or a flight; traveling solo vacation or on a group expedition, your kind of music always gives you the company you want! In this article, we have a list of some nice melodious journey songs.



Urdu for travelogue, Safarnama is the retrospective insight of a bored and disillusioned young man, who suddenly discovers the meaning of his existence. His imagination, passion, love, questions, answers all took the shape of a travelogue once he looked inside himself.

Ilahi - Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

A travelling photo journalist is living his dream to the fullest, though he is pulled back by his past here and there. But he is all about his backpack on the shoulder, following the road and restless flights across borders.

Kinare (Film: Queen)

A simpleton girl from a protected environment faces a broken relationship and gets dumped a day before her wedding. She pulls herself up and goes for a Europe vacation alone, a trip that was supposed to be her honeymoon. This changed her life and she returned as a confident young girl who had already taken control of her life. This song is the collective tribute to her spirit, the stories from her vacation and her redemption.

Phir se udd chala (Film: Rockstar)

A distraught rockstar sings about the flight of his soul, the sand-like dreams which keep on reappearing despite repeated wipe outs, the wind that guides him to his love, the milestones that he went past during his sojourn. A soulful composition which conceals more than it reveals!

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