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Explore Some Nawabi Lucknwi Food

Explore Some Nawabi  Lucknwi  Food

There are many reasons to visit Lucknow, it was the area of great resistance and revolt, has some beautiful historical monuments, and a vibrant street scene around the old city. But most of all it boasts of some of the best food in all of India, and having eaten our way through a fair amount of the country we can say this to some degree of authority.

So if you are in Lucknow for the weekend and you have only a few meals at hand these are the places that you cannot miss.





Tundey Kebabi

Before coming to Lucknow I was under the misconception that Tundey Kebab is actually a mysterious mutton preparation, the truest form of which one can partaken off in the bylanes of Lucknow. The truth is that Tundey Kebabi is the name of one of the oldest Kebab shops in Chowk and they make some of the most scrumptious but significantly less glamorously named Mutton Kebabs that can be had in all of Lucknow. The variety of kebabs are typical Awadh cuisine, and one thanks the decadent Nawabs from Iran for leaving us with this.  Where to Find it: Tundey Kebabi has 2 outlets, one in Chowk, the old city, and the other in Ameenabad. Visit the outlet in Chowk for the authentic feel and the one in Ameenabad for the cleaner setting. The food in both is brilliant.

Idris Biryani

To find out this place according to me you should ask the locals instead of google map. Let me tell you it is the most well known Biryani spots in Lucknow. Here you will get the  the most delightful of biryanis, light, tasty and flavourful with a generous serving of soft, succulent meat and a side of Korma gravy. Korma, a name for the generiec gravy, is served everywhere, and its a must with meals. We must have looked oddly out of place there, considering that the regulars gave us a wide berth and the server made a big show of wiping the plates down with a dirty wet rag. Idris regularly goes through 40 odd kilos of biryani a day and once you put the first morsel in your mouth it’s easy to know why. Where to Find it: Chowk is the only place in the world where you can have a plate of Idris Biryani.

Jain Chaat Center

Besides Kebabs and Biryani, the other thing that Lucknow is well knows for is Chaat (typical Indian roadside savoury snacks). Following a boatload of spicy pani puris, we descended on the unsuspecting chaat guy and proceeded to devourer plates of the famous aloo tikkis smothered in cold dahi and other assorted delicacies washed down with Lassi. There were six things on the tiny handwritten menu and we sampled everything! It was the perfect way to end a weekend of gorging in the land of the Nawabs Where to Find it: Jain Chaat centre is located at Lalbaug, off the Lalbaug Chauraha.

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