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What Happens When We Are In A Queue!

What Happens When We Are In A Queue!

For any work is to be done, the first thing we Indian do is we make a line(queue), which makes our work easier as we think. Without a queue, work is not done properly, every scatters at various places and try to pull each other behind. That's why doing work in the queue is considered so good to avoid all the Hodge-podge. The trend of the queue can be seen not only in India but in many other countries also. Now we have to face the line like a line of the bank or a movie theater, or any temple everywhere. To avoid the line, people also perform various types of dramas so that their work is done before anyone.

You will have to remember that view of the demonetization, and for the recent cricket match, Cricket fans had kept a long line for hours. In such a case, if someone comes in the middle of the line, then we look at it with so much anger that they themselves retreat. But there are some who will continue to argue those and will not accept their mistake.

So, today we are going to show you one such video which has been told about the queue. So let's show you this video of the YouTube channel The Timeliners and this video has received 280,855 views so far.

So let's see the video of The Timeline.


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