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When A Husband Fails To Fulfill The Expectation Of His Wife

When A Husband Fails To Fulfill The Expectation Of His Wife

It is said that after marriage, the husband has to take care of many things of his wife. Before marriage, she listens to mother and after marriage, he has to listen to wife. It is also said that after the marriage, the boy completely changes and becomes disturbed by the wife. Anyway, there are many types of jokes made for the wives, which are very funny.

But in fact, there is nothing like this. The wives are very good and straightforward, they are very simple. They just keep some expectation from her husband, which the husband is unable to accomplish in a way that makes her angry.

From this point, we all are aware that girls get angry very soon and some and when their expectations are not fulfilled then they get more annoying. Now to find out what their expectations are, you should watch this video which is uploaded by YouTube channel Shitty Ideas Trending.

Let's see.

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