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Let’s find out why Some People feel cold all the time

Let’s find out why Some People feel cold all the time

Are you one of them who feel cold all the time? If this happens to you quite frequently, then you must not ignore it. This is because there could be a lot of issues that can lead to this continual feeling of coldness. Our body relies on various chemical reactions to keep its warmth and when there is a significant deficiency of essential nutrients, it may make you feel cold all the time.

Low levels of iron

Iron content is important for the smooth functioning of our body. This critical nutrient of our body helps red blood cells to carry oxygen in the body. This ensures that each cell in the body works properly. If there is an iron deficiency in the body, it will impact this process and you might feel cold all the time.

Poor blood circulation

If you find that it’s just your hands and feet that stay cold all the time, it indicates poor blood circulation. Also, it should be noted that if you feel cold generally on one side of the body, you might be suffering from a heart disease, which is referred to as atherosclerosis.

Seasonal affective disorder

Not sleeping properly

Mostly, body temperature drops when you don’t get a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep impacts the nervous system and also brain’s regulatory mechanism that regulates heat. It could affect metabolism and can make you feel sluggish too.