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10 Unknown Facts About Bollywood You Must Know

10 Unknown Facts About Bollywood You Must Know

Bollywood and movies have a great effect on our lives. Whether it is our lifestyle or it's an etiquette, bollywood inspires us in many ways. Also there are many things which we do not know about the film industry. So today we are going to tell you some facts related to Bollywood that will surprise you.

Let's know the facts related to Bollywood which you will be surprised to know:

1. Veteran actress Waheeda Rehman has played the role of both Amitabh Bachchan's girlfriend and mother in the films. She was Amitabh's girlfriend in the 1976 film 'Adalat', so she became her mother in 'Trishul' in 1978.

2. Aamir Khan's film, 'Lagaan' is a Bollywood film that cast the most British actors. Also, the first Bollywood movie to be released in China was 'Lagaan'.

3. Raj Kapoor's film, 'My name Joker' is the only Bollywood film to have two intervals.

4. When Anil Kapoor first came to Mumbai, he lived with his family in the garage of Raj Kapoor.