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Beautiful Rivers can be Creepy too!! Here are the Spookiest Things Ever Found in the Rivers!

Beautiful Rivers can be Creepy too!! Here are the Spookiest Things Ever Found in the Rivers!

Besides being a lifeline to many, Rivers also makes the most beautiful picturesque for all of us! It's glittering appearance, striking waterfalls and even the sounds of splashes and burbles, everything is so fascinating about this God's own creation that it becomes hard to overlook its charm! Well, it often seems that rivers have everything positive to offer, such as the feeling of enthusiasm, tranquility and divinity, however, have you ever thought this lovely creation of nature can sometimes be Creepy as well!! Yes, Rivers can be immensely dangerous, not all the time but sometimes for sure! Don't worry, we aren't fibbing, there are even facts to support Rivers' spookiness! Wait wait, by being spooky we didn't mean rivers are scary by themselves but for the bizarre things taken out from them in history, starting from speculated river monsters, dead bodies, weird creatures to many other undefined things!  

Once Denise Ginley in the year, 2012 found unidentifiable spooky creature near  East River in New York. Later, it was claimed by the scientists that they were the remains of a dog but no one accepted that fact and as a result, the theory of a River Monster introduced in New York City! It's not the only case when something unexpected came out of the river but there are many... 

Here are the creepiest things ever found from rivers:

A 10-Foot Fish

In 2009, on the bank of Amazon River people found out a 10 feet long carnivorous Arapaima fish!

Thames Nessie

An unrecognized creature was found in the Thames River of London on April of 2016. Scientists provided a lot of theories but people still believe its the Loch Ness monster!

Gallic Ship

In Seine Rive, a treasure hunter recovered objects like jewelry and ancient artifacts. Later, Forgeais even stumbled upon an entire Gallic ship which dated back to the beginning of Paris!

Roman Emperor's Bronze Head

Head of Roman Emperor was discovered incidentally by a young boy near Alde River in England which is now placed in British Museum!