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Amazing Scientific Discoveries By Ancient Indian Saints

Amazing Scientific Discoveries By Ancient Indian Saints

India's history is the oldest and most important of the countries present in the world. Even today, the whole world is using the knowledgeable things given by India. 'Yoga' is a true example. India is considered to be the land of culture and civilization. India has given a lot to the world.

There are many famous sages in our history who are still alive in the life of the people with their policies and teachings. So, today let's know about the inventions of those sages.


Acharya Charaka:

Acharya Charaka is also called Father of Medicine. He wrote a book "Charaka Samhita". With which all the diseases can be cured. Modern science does not even have the power to understand. At that time Acharya Charaka had placed the precise theory of human anatomy, embryology, pharmacology, blood circulation and diabetes, tuberculosis and heart disease. That too when the world was completely unable to understand it.

Acharya Kapil Muni:

Acharya Kapil is considered the father of meditation. He mentioned meditation in his book "Sankhya Darshan". According to them, our mind is connected to God and nature is the only means of the world.


Today the whole world is engaged in making health and better self with the contribution of India. But do you know who discovered the yoga? No, Baba Ramdev has not searched yoga. Acharya Patanjali, who searches for Darshan Yoga is also called the father of Yoga. Yoga provides both spiritual happiness and physical benefits. That's why today the whole world is adopting it

Acharya Aryabhatt:

Aryabhatt was not the only mathematician, he also had deep knowledge of Space Science. Perhaps you would be surprised to know that he was Aryabhatta who first told that our earth is round and that it revolves around its orbit.